RF Interlinked Heat Alarm Detector Battery Operated -10 Year Battery


Able to interconnect with up to 20 alarms on a single network. The units are connected via radio frequency meaning if one alarm activates, all other interlinked heat alarms will also sound.

This heat alarm is compatible with our RF Interlinked Battery Backup Smoke Alarms 

Improved backing plate guarantees quick and easy fitting

Easy to use, large, central button – ideally suited to the less able

Includes Smart Silence – pressing the test/reset button on any alarm in the network will silence all but the initiating alarm

Up to 20 alarms can be linked in a single network

Wireless range up to 200m in clear sight (we recommend not to exceed 35m as the maximum direct distance between smoke alarms inside a property)

Easy Installation and Setup

5 Year Manufacturers Warranty

✔ Dispatched From UK

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