RF Interlinked Battery Smoke Alarm Detector- 10 Year Battery


Able to interconnect with up to 20 alarms on a single network. The units are connected via radio frequency meaning if one alarm activates, all other interlinked smoke alarms will also sound.

10 Year Battery Operated- We do also stock Mains RF Interlinked, with Battery Backup.

Improved backing plate guarantees quick and easy fitting

Easy to use, large, central button – ideally suited to the less able

Includes Smart Silence – pressing the test/reset button on any alarm in the network will silence all but the initiating alarm

Up to 20 alarms can be linked in a single network

Wireless range up to 200m in clear sight (we recommend not to exceed 35m as the maximum direct distance between smoke alarms inside a property)

Easy Installation and Setup

5 Year Manufacturers Warranty

✔ Dispatched From UK

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